What will survive of us


You are invited to create a profile, and then choose, create or commission six pieces of art. This will act as your creative legacy. It’s a chance for people who know and love you, or total strangers, to get a sense of the person you are – or were. Think of it as a creative will. This will sit alongside your financial will and your care will (with instructions on how you’d like to be cared for if you’re no longer able to make those decisions).

This process could be something you do in 15 minutes, or you could spend months carefully creating each piece of art for yourself. The structure is flexible, so that you can make it what is important to you.

The steps are easy:

  • Create a profile
  • Choose as profile picture. This could be a quick selfie, or a portrait that you have commissioned or created
  • Choose your six items. Each item has to have an image to represent it and there’s an opportunity to write a small description of why this is important to you. The item could be just text (for a poem or recipe for example), just an image (for a painting or photograph), or a link to YouTube (for footage, or music).
  • You can change any of these elements over and over again. Just click on the Settings wheel, next to your portrait image.


This is our Beta site. Do contact us with any thoughts on the layout, or the functionality of this test site. The finished site will be simpler and easier to use, but we know that this will require a lot of development. Feedback is essential.